To become a member please send an email to

The following will be required:

  • Two (2) recommendations of current members supporting your application. Please mention the vessel names so these recommendation can be verified.
  • Proof of ownership paperwork for the ship/company. This can be any paperwork showing your authority to apply for membership on behalf of the vessel.
  • Payment of the membership joining fee and yearly fees.

Membership Fees

  • A once only joining fee of RPH 2’000’000 will be requested on acceptance of application.
  • Yearly fee of RPH 6’000’000. This may be paid on a pro-rata basis if joining mid-year. (RPH 1’500’000 per quarter)
  • All yearly fees will be invoiced in January at RPH 6’000’000, and are payable within 60 days for membership to continue.
  • Companies with multiple vessels will pay one joining fee and only RPH 3’000’000 for the second (2nd) and each supplementary vessel.