Our Association

The Indonesian Liveaboard Association, legally registered as “Jangkar”, is an association representing the owners and employees of liveaboard vessels within Indonesian waters.

The majority of the members are owner operated liveaboard vessels working the marine tourism sector in various locations around the beautiful Indonesian Archipelago.

The Indonesian Maritime Industry is heavily regulated and extremely bureaucratic in its functioning. Unfortunately, as a single independent operator you have no real voice within this system.
However, as a group, we have a chance to be involved in discussions and policy creation at all levels of government. These include, but are not limited to, marine tourism agencies, government departments such as maritime and immigration, national park associations, representatives of MPAs and also NGOs.

“Jangkar” was created in January 2014 by a group of Liveaboard operators. The association was then officially registered with addresses in both Jakarta and Bali, by the public notary Pak BENI AGUSELYANTO, on March 4th 2014. It is operated as a not for profit organization with the majority of official meetings taking place in Bali.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our association in the best interests of the liveaboard operators, the customers who travel on these vessels, and the beautiful environment in which we operate. The progress that has been made since the official launch of this association has been nothing short of astounding, and with your support it will only continue to accelerate.